How can Target-Info help me ?

Target-Info.ro portal is the best choice for those who need a quick and profitable business. Whether you want to sell or buy a house, an item or service in your neighborhood, or you want to promote your business, you want to go on vacation, we offer tips for vacations, or help you to advertise. Target-Info.ro is a simple way to solve any situation. Moreover, here you can ad job announcements or search for news, you can socialize, we offer useful information on thousands of ads near you or across the country. It's really that simple!

How much costs the services offered by Target-Info.ro?
On Target-Info.ro, the prices may vary depending on witch section you post the announcement, or depending of the duration, or the extra advertisement options, for more details please refer to price list. You can advertise, search, answer to ads that are published by other users.

How long is available an ad?

The validity of an announcement may differ; the user chooses the validity of the ad from the options available under the payments section. When the valid period of the announcement is over the announcement will not be visible on the site. Ads can be removed or canceled before the valid period expires. The users with account can enter to the account and can cancel an announcement made ​​on site, and the users who do not have an account should contact the website at support@target-info.ro to cancel the announcement.

To reactivate the announcement after expiry of validity we recommend you to click on the link received by email.

Someone post an ad using my data? What can I do?
If you have received an email from target-romani.ro, but you did not post an ad on our site probably another person inadvertently used your e-mail. Please contact us at email: support@target-info.ro.

If a user accidentally posted an ad with your phone number, contactat us to remedy the situation at support@target-info.ro.


Y lost my password? How can I change my password?
If you have an account and you forgot the password, go to the LOGIN section

Click on the "Forgot Password" link; enter the email address used at the creation of the account, click on the SEND PASSWORD button.

 You will receive by email a link, click on the link and you'll find your new LOGIN details, user and password.

 Check your e-mail address declared when creating your account; check your INBOX and SPAM.


How long is my ad visible on the site?
You will set yourself the validity of the ad. This period can be chosen by the user from the list of subscriptions available. Meanwhile, your ad will be present on the site, in the category where you entered it, and can be also promoted on the partner sites.

How often can I post ads?
Target-Info.ro dosen’t impose a limit to his users. You can post as many ads you need, as often as you want.


Can I delete an ad that I posted? Can I reactivate an ad that I deleted?

For Unauthenticated users (users without an account)

It's easy to renew, or to delete an published post by yourself.In the validation mail, you will find a  link that takes you directly to the posted announcement.


This link will take you to the published announcement and gives you permission to modifie only once the posted announcement.

To reactivate the announcement or to prolong the period of validity, click on the "Payment" buton.

Next click on the Link “Choose Payment

The “PAYMENT” menu opens; here you can choose one of the available subscriptions and make the payment.

Choose the renewal date of the announcement, if the annoncemet has expired you can choose the current date or a future one and if the announcement has not expired you can select as republication date the first day after the expiry of the original validity period (ex: if the initial announcement was valid until 20.1. 2013 renewal date will be 01/21/2013).

Unauthenticated user dosen’t have the option to DELETE a posted advertisement to remove a posted advertisement he can contact customer service by email support@target-info.ro

For authenticated users (who have an account)

It's easy to RENEW yourself the posted advertisement. The user LOGIN to the site and enter to his account page, in the menu in the right side of the page you chose the section where you posted the announcement (Jobs, Tourism, Real Estate, etc.) and here you will find the posted advertisement. 

To reactivate an announcement ot to prolong the validity period, click on link "Payment"

The “PAYMENTS” menu opens, here will find the subscriptions available, and the user can “CHOOSE” one of the subscriptions and make the PAYMENT.

The renewal date for an announcement that has expired should be choose the current date or a future date, and if valid period of the announcement has not expired the republication date should be the first day after the expiry of the original valid period (if the initial announcement was valid until 20/1/2013 renewal date will be 21/01/2013)

An authenticated user can DELETE a posted announcement, to do so just click on the link DELETE. Or can contact customer service by email support@target-info.ro. Any ad that has been deleted, it is deleted automatically from the database so can not be recovered later on. Any ad that was deleted accidentally after the payment, is can’t be reactivated or replaced with another announcement. To post other announcement the user must start again all the posting process from the beginning.

Can I include pictures in my ad?
Of course! Target-info.ro team recommends using quality pictures in the ads. Statistics show that ads with pictures are more effective than those containing only text description.

Can I post ads on behalf of someone else?
Target-Info.ro policy states that the ads are published on your behalf. This means that the email address and phone number belong to the person on whose behalf is done the advertisement. For more details, read the Terms and Conditions section of the portal.

I need an account to post an ad?

Target-Info.ro offers 2 options:

-users can post ads without creating an sign up account on the site, but the user will be promted to add an email address where you will receive your confirmation email and a link that gives you access, to modify or renew the announcement.

- You can create a user account that gives the posibility to manage the ads and gives bether overview on his ads. Also authenticated users have the possibility to renew an ad, to delete, to check the status of all his posted ads to the present.He can also leave comments on the site, or to answer questions regarding his posts and others options.

How difficult is to post an ad?
Less difficult than you think! On any page you can find the [Add announcement]button in the upper right corner of the page

From there you get a very simple form. In just a few steps, your ad will be published.


I published the ad! Now where is my ad?
After the payment is validated on the screen will be displayed a message confirming that the ad was posted.

To check an announcement, thae users that don’t have an account on Tatget-info.ro will enter in the email address used to create the ad; he will receive there a confirmation email and a direct link to his ad. (If you didn’t receive the confirmation email, please contact us by support@target-info.ro.)

Registered users on Target-Info.ro will LOGIN on the site and will go to the account section where the ad was posted; here you will find the posted announcement.

Another way to see your ad is to go to the category where you entered the ad, choose the subcategory and the city where it belongs and search the ad.

Who will see my ad?
All users Target-Info.ro who fall into the category, sub-category and city where you recorded the announcement will see the information described.

How I will be contacted after the publication of the announcement?
Every announcement page has a dedicated button for reply. Any user can click on "Reply to this Ad" you can quickly send a private message. Also, if you set as your phone number, and email address to be public, those interested can contact you directly by phone or email at the address specified in the notice.


How to respond to an ad?
The contact email you will find the contact details of the person that contact you, and you can use the same details to respond back.

And if you recive a question in the comments section of the announcement, then you can LOGIN the website and can answer by leaving a Comment.

My announcement will appear in the newspaper?
Target-Info.ro offers announcements exclusively online. Your advertisement will appear on the site, but will not appear in searches of offline publications.


Can I add links in my ad?
Of course, you can add links or other references to provide important information for your ad. Moreover, in most forms of adding the ad you will find a field to add a link (URL), so it is as visible in the page where your ad will be published.

What should I do after I post an ad?
-After posting the announcement, check your e-mails (both Inbox and Spam) and open the "confirmation notice" email received from target-info.ro. (Only users who dosen’t have an account on Target-info.ro. The users who have an account on target-info.ro can LOGIN to theyr account on the site, check their personal account in the section where the announcement was posted (Real Estate, bazaar etc). All menu sections are in the right side of the page.

-If you click the link received by email and will not open the page target-info.ro, copy the link and then paste it in your browser bar.

-After confirmation, your ad will be administered according to the rules of use of target -info.ro.


How do I find my ad?

 • Enter the section where you posted announcement (Real Estate, bazaar, tourism, etc.) and choose the appropriate section;

• Select the city where you posted announcement;

• Use the available fithers under each section or filter by keywords (in title or description) used to add announcement.


How I can avoid fraud?

  • Avoid businesses that involve money transfer in advance.
  • Avoid suspicious ads with suspicious contacts.
  • Verify the location of the advertisement. Are preferred businesses in your neighborhood?
  • Very low prices can hide unreal offers.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you have suspicions about an ad, please report this in the page or you can announce our team Target-Info.ro. 

Confidentiality agreement

Target-Info.ro team tries to protect as much possible the right to privacy and image of the site users. We intend to offer to our users, a safe online experience, which will not adversely affect your personal life. According to Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, amended and supplemented and the Law. 506/2004 concerning the processing of personal data and privacy in the electronic communication sector, the site target-info.ro isobligated to manage safely and only for specified purposes, personal information that you provide about yourself, a member your family or another person. The purpose of data collection is to provide to the users of target-romani.ro  informations and services of the highest quality. We use the gathered  information from the site target -info.ro, whether personal, demographic, collective or technical, in order to manage your ads, to solve your questions, improve our site, to consult the users and to increase the quality of our products and services.



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