How to avoid fraud?

Here are some tips for your own safety online, on target-info.ro and other places with public ads.

  • Are preferred the businesses in your neighborhood. The best way to avoid deception in ads is to carefully check the location of which he published. Do business in your area, only with people you can meet in person. In general, those trying to cheat contact users in more remote areas, trying to convince them to send products or money in advance.
  • Be careful with businesses that involve money transfer in advance. If you are required advances in ways that do not involve a bank account (eg Western Union, Money Gram, etc..), It's quite likely that you are dealing with an attempt of fraud.
  • Avoid ads with suspicious contacts. If the advertisement which uses a pseudonym or have contacts that do not seem real, ask for more details before entering into the transaction.
  • Theft of identity exists! Like with phishing emails, some people may try to find and use your data. Never reveal too many personal details as (exact address, Social Security number, etc..) And do not  reveal you personal account number or password, card security code, password, mother's maiden name, date of birth and other information that may be redundant in the ad business, but can be used against you.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Scammers will try to post stunning products or service offers. Talk about yachts at very low prices or very cheap land in residential areas. If you see such a notice, report it using the buton” Report abuse “, which is on every page of the ad.

Target-Romania.ro is not involved in any of the ads, so the transactions are entirely up to the two partners. For more information, we invite you to view full Terms and Conditions.

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