How do I add an announcement?

To post an announcement first step go to the page where you want to add the announcement (Sale, Bazaar, Jobs, etc.) for users who have an account on the target-info.ro you must LOGIN on the site after you go to the section where you want to add announcement.

  • Click on the ADD OFFER button at the top right of the page ADD OFFER
  • Fill in the form with your complete and correct information
  • Fields marked with "*" are required
  • If you want your contact data to be public tick the "public contact information", if you don’t your contact details to be public then don’t tick the box and you will be contacted directly by email, which will not be visible to the user.


  • The field “I agree with the terms and conditions of the site

  is required and must be checked if you wish to post an ad on Target-info.ro.

  • By ticking this fiel you are confirming you agree to the terms and conditions of the Site, please read the terms and conditions of the Site before  ticking this field.
  • To move forward you click on the "Save" button


  • If you have completed the form incorrectly will appear error messages that will help you to correct your erroneous data



After correcting the wrong values must check again the field that you agree with the Terms and conditions and click "SAVE"

  • Pentru a adauga poza principala a anutului da-ti click pe butonul “Poza Principala
  • To add the main picture of the ad you can click on the "MAIN PICTURE" button


  • Clickk on CHOOSE FILE, choose the picture, use CUT option to resize the picture and click the SAVE  button
  • Photos can not exceed the size of 4 MB per picture
  • Pentru a adauga mai multe poze clickk pe Butonul GALERIE din meniul de sus click pe butonul SELECT FILES ,selecteaza pozele dorite si click pe butonul SALVEAZA
  • To add more photos click the GALLERY button in the top menu click SELECT FILES button, select the photos you want and click the SAVE button
  • You must wait until all files have been loaded, and if you want to DELETE a file you click on the X next to each picture


  • To add the location on the map click on the "MAP" button in the top menu.


  • Write your location, exact address and click SEARCH button, after you find the desired address click on the SAVE button.
  • To add files (only where this option is available) click FILES button in the top menu.
  • Click the SELECT FILES button, select the desired files (Word, Excel, PDF, TXT) and click the SAVE button.


  • Check again the text of the ad by clicking the PREVIEW button in the top menu, it shows how will look your ad on the site.
  • If you want to make changes in announcement you can return to any by clicking on the sections(buttons) from the  top menu.
  • After making the changes go back to edit section and check again the box “I AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE SITE”, click SAVE button.


  • Cand anuntul este in formatul final clickk pe butonul PLATA in meniul de sus
  • Bifa-ti una dintre optiunile oferite.(acestea difera in functie de Durata anuntului, de modalitatea de prezentare etc. Pentru mai multe detalii vizitati sectiunea de PRETURI.
  • Adauga-ti data de postare a anuntului, data poate fi data curenta sau o data viitoare, iar anuntul va fi vizibil pe site incepand cu data aleasa.
  • Click butonul SALVEAZA
  • Daca pretul anuntului e 0 Euro, va aparea Mesajul de confirmare pe ecran “Anuntul a fost creat cu success si va  fi postat la data stabilita”
  • Daca anuntul are pret atunci ve-ti rugat sa alege-ti modalitatea de plata si ve-ti fi ghidat spre realizarea platii.
  • When the announcement is in the final format click PAYMENT button in the top menu.
  • Tick one of the options offered to you. (This varies depending on time of the announcement, the method of presentation and so on). For more details visit PRICE LIST section.
  • Choose the posting date of your ad, this can be the current date or a future date, and the ad will be visible on the site starting with the choosen date.
  • Click the SAVE button
  • If the listing price is 0 Euro confirmation message will appear on the screen "announcement was created successfully and will be posted on the date set", this mean that the ad is posted for free and you won’t need to make any payment.
  • If the ad has a posting value in Euro than then you will be asked to choose your method of payment and you will be guided towards the payment process.


    • Adding images is optional, but ads with pictures have 5 times more chances to sell.
    • Ani abuse is punishable by blocking the access to the site.
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